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Bachmann Industries, Inc.
Shipping Address: 416 Lewiston Junction Road
Auburn, ME 04210 USA
Postal Address: P.O. Box 2150
Auburn, ME 04211-2150 USA
Telephone: +1 207 784-1903
Fax: +1 207 784-1904
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Air-Gas Handling Division Sales Team
Market Sales Rep [click on name to send email]
Aftermarket Shawn Fleury
Business Manager
Aftermarket Nick Angelides
Application Engineer
Expansion Joints Andrew Frohlich
Applications Engineer
APC Luis Pino
Business Manager
Gas Turbine Matt Sellinger
Applications Engineer
Utility/Industrial Mark Martel
Business Manager
International Sales Representative Network

Your Global Partner

With a worldwide network of sales representatives and global outsourced fabrication, Bachmann Industries is ready to serve you, virtually anywhere in the world.

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