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Damper Types: Choosing the Right Damper

Each type of damper performs in a different way, with both advantages and disadvantages that contribute to its suitability and desirability as a system component.

Selecting the right damper to perform a particular function is perhaps the single most important decision that directly affects reliable long-term operation. Poor selection can result in inefficient damper and system operation or even catastrophic failure.

Damper Suitability by Function
Isolation Man-Safe Modulation /
Flow Control
Leak Prevention /
Pressure Drop

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= Suitable = Good = Better BEST = Optimal

Bachmann® damper systems supplied by Bachmann Industries are custom designed by engineers experienced in gas flow control and isolation for the full spectrum of applications.

Our dampers are recognized worldwide for high performance, quality manufacture, heavy duty design, innovative materials, and leading edge technology. You can rely on our products to consistently deliver dependable, cost-effective service.


ISO-Flex Guillotine

ISO-Spade Guillotine

Bachmann® ISO-Flex™ Zero-Leakage Guillotine
Provides tight shut-off (up to 99.9% without seal air and 100% with seal air). The convex seat in the body makes this an ideal damper for rough and dust laden applications. The ISO-Flex Guillotine is actuated by a rack and pinion drive system where the rack is installed directly on the blade in order to reduce its external footprint.

Bachmann® ISO-Spade™ Guillotine
Provides isolation utiizing an externally mounted set of flexible seals and a spade-plate blade. The ISO-Spade™ is designed to maximize initial economics and address certain specific applications. The concave seat arrangement is suitable where "knifing" through medium encrustments is desired.

Bachmann® Copper smelter Guillotine

Bachmann® Retracto-Seat™ Guillotine
Provides 100% positive isolation without seal air. Applications include locations where sealing air may be inappropriate because of process, medium or safety considerations, or where extreme seat fouling by sticky medium would render other damper types ineffective.


ISO-Flow Louver

Louver outlet and duct

Bachmann® ISO-Flow™ Louver
Provides 100% isolation with a single bank of blades. Developed for DeNox and DeSox systems and component isolation where quick actuation and space efficiency are major issues. Also used in GT exhaust systems and industrial applications.

Parallel Blade Louver Damper

Bachmann® Airfoil Louver


SCR Flap Diverter

4-Port Diverter

Bachmann® SCR Flap Diverter
Provides 100% isolation with seal air. Requires only one or two flap blades to close a large cross-sectional area, compared to louvers which require many blades that remain obstructing the gas stream. No superstructure is required outside of duct as with guillotine dampers, reducing the clearances required for guillotines.

Bachmann® 4-Port x 4-Way Dual Diverter
Patented multi-port damper for Isolation and Modulation, designed for the regenerative thermal oxidizing market. It replaces the need for four butterfly type dampers and complex ducting. The high cycle damper uses a flap type blade design to switch port direction every four minutes or less and provides sealing capabilities exceeding 99.90% at static pressures of 30"WC at 350° F. Customized system can be provided based on your needs and plant layout.

Flaps / Butterflies

Refractory Butterfly

Bachmann® ISO-Flap
Single or Multiple Blade designs with pivot drive or toggle drive systems, offer attractive alternates to guillotine dampers.

Bachmann® Flap Blade

Bachmann® Zero-Leakage Toggle Disk

Bachmann® Butterfly


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